Battle for the Babies

The launch of the campaign „Battle for the Babies“ in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Banja Luka, June 1, 2012 – „Battle for the Babies“ begins in Bosnia and Herzegovina! On the press conference, held today at 1.00 PM in the Music Pavillion within Petar Kocic Park in Banjaluka, the public was informed on all the details pertaining to the campaign „Battle for the Babies“, which will include raising funds for the purchase of the new incubators for the maternity wards in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Namely, due to the incubator deficiency in maternity wards, in the course of last year, B92 Fund had launched the campaign in Serbia entitled „Battle for the Babies“. As Bosnia and Herzegovina has the same needs, in cooperation with B92 Fund, company M:tel today commences „Battle for the Babies“, in which the only award is human life.

The following representatives attended press conference:

Predrag Culibrk, general manager of m:tel

Ranko Skrbic, minister of health and social care in the government of the Republic of Srpska and

Veran Matic, President of B92 Fund Board of Directors

It is important to point out that the campaign was supported by the Ministry of Health and Social Care, while minister Skrbic said that such campaigns are very humane and significant.

Mr Predrag Culibrk, general manager of M:tel, first addressed the public on the press conference saying: „Battle for the Babies“ is humanitarian campaign primarily designed and implemented in Serbia, on the part of B92 Fund from Belgrade. With this campaign, the issue of the lack of adequate incubators was resolved in a systematic way in Serbian maternity wards, and its results, about which you will hear more from Mr. Veran Matic, exceeded all expectations in Serbia. Knowing that the circumstances are similar in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s maternity wards and children hospitals, and taking lessons from this positive example, Company M:tel, in cooperation with B92 Fund, an experienced „figther“ in this battle, had decided to implement this humanitarian campaign to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Social Care of Republic of Srpska, and with the clinical centres and maternities all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, B92 Fund has come up with the number of 70 incubators needed at the moment, in order to make the situation in the maternity wards all over BiH optimal. In order to serve as a good example to other socially responsible companies, company m:tel will donate 2 incubators in total worth of around KM 58.000 to the maternity wards in Banjaluka i Sarajevo, so both maternity wards will get new incubator for the intensive care units. We will make efforts to encourage our business partners, customers and our employees to take part in this humanitarian campaign. Starting from today, our customers have on their disposal a short humanitarian number 1411 via which they can donate 1 KM for this cause in the m:tel mobile and fixed network till the end of the year, thus giving their contribution to the battle for the babies. We owe special thanks to other media partners of this campaign, to more than 40 media houses from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, willing to give away valuable media space for this humanitarian cause. We hope that with your assistance we will raise awareness in the public and point out the importance of investing into the youngest and most vulnerable, thus encouraging all the people of good will to join us so that we can gather enough funds for the acquisition of all 70 incubators. This will be our greatest victory“.

Veran Matic, President of B92 Fund Board of Directors, had said on this occasion: „Battle for the Babies has become a regional brand, and as similar problems exist in the neighboring countries, we have decided to expand our campaign to the whole region. Namely, we have established that the hospitals in Bosnia and Herzegovina lack at least 70 incubators, and thus commenced with the company m:tel this joint campaign. Saatchi&Saatchi has ceded the promotion campaign for the region, while B92 Fund shared its experience, in organizing communication between the donors and health institutions and the suppliers. We have already contacted companies that showed interest in donating around ten incubators, and majority of the companies wants to donate them both to the health institutions in the Republic of Srpska and in Federation. I am greatly encouraged with the launch of the campaign. I hope that we will soon launch the same „battle“ in Macedonia as well“.

For all interested donors that want to donate larger funds or to join the campaign as media partners, all necessary information are available at:

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