Frend for Tourists

Favorable communication and unlimited mobile internet while on holidays

If you are traveling through BiH or if you decided to spend your holidays in one of the BiH cities, we recommend you Frend prepaid package for tourists.

Tourist INO MIN & NET can be bought for BAM 25 (VAT incl.). Within the package, along with BAM 1 on the bonus account, valid for 30 days, you receive a 30 minute bonus for call towards mobile and fixed network in: Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Russia. These minutes may be used for seven days from the activation date, with 60 seconds billing interval. Along with this, within the package there is also 5 Gb of mobile internet at maximum speed (up to 21Mb/s / 5,7 Mb7s), which you can use for seven days from the activation date, in the m:tel mobile network. If you spend the allowed internet quantity at maximum speed prior to expiry of the validity period, the surfing may continue under lower speed (128 kb/s) as long as the allowed bonus is valid. Should you require higher speed, there are available mobile internet tariff options easily reachable by calling the following code *100*1#

Tourist NET costs BAM 10  (VAT incl.) and will be a good friend to everyone who needs an unlimited mobile internet in the m:tel network. This internet bonus is valid for 3 days, along with BAM 1 on the bonus account, which you can use for 30 days from the activation date, send messages and make calls in all BiH networks.

Feel like home with Frend Tourist packages!

The offer is valid until March 20, 2017. Frend Tourist packages  may be purchased at the m:tel's points of sale or with the authorized dealers throughout BiH.

Should you need more  info, please call 066 10 10 10.

Datum objave: 21-12-2016